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Founded in 1983 by pharmacists Morris Goodman and Ted Wise, Pharmascience understands very well the reality and needs of pharmacists and their teams in a constantly changing environment.

In this context of change where the role of pharmacists and their team is expanding, the norms and standards of practice are becoming more complex. Pharmascience is aware of this reality and that is why it offers you a complete, diversified, and growing portfolio of services to help healthcare professionals in pharmacy in their daily practice with a human and relationship-based approach.

To better communicate the professional services designed by renowned experts and adapted to your reality, these services will now operate under the name of Pharmasupport. In addition, to facilitate their access, a categorization of services has been developed. It will now be easier to navigate through a web portal offering a range of resources that will certainly satisfy and meet the needs of active and future members.

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Pharmasupport, your professional service to support you in developing your full potential!


The Pharmasupport team
Rouguietta Touré, M.Sc.,
National Programs Manager

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